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These are just some of the terms you may have heard of. We provide a high end custom chrome plating on marine, motorcycle and automobile hardware. We service restoration shops as well as individual clients. Excellent quality and customer satisfaction is what matters most to us and it has been our motto for over 85 years. All of our operations are performed in-house by professional polishers and platers having over 35 years experience.

We provide custom chrome plating on the following metals:  All Steels, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Zinc Die Cast/Pot Metal, and Aluminum.


We provide custom chrome plating on most Marine, Motorcycle, Automobile and Antique Stove hardware. We do not plate large bumpers, wheels or frames.


Our specialty is restoring Antique Motorcycles, Automobiles, and Marine hardware, as well as, Antique Stove parts, Barber Chairs, Bathroom fixtures and Door hardware. Whether you need a custom Nickel or Chrome plated finish or Cadmium, Zinc or Parkerizing, consider ICP for the job.


We can strip and “polish only” brass and bronze marine hardware bringing it back to its natural state as well as polish all stainless steel to a brilliant finish.


Turnaround Times: It depends on the time of year you send us your parts. Our busiest months are from December to June and depending on the size of your order it can take four to eight weeks to complete. In the summer and early fall it is usually two to three weeks.


Plated Parts: Please avoid the use of abrasive chrome polishes as they may scratch the chrome plated surface. Instead use paint waxes and glass cleaners.   



                                   WHY REPLACE, WHEN YOU CAN REPLATE? 



Degreasing: The process first begins by removing any dirt and oil from your parts.


Stripping: A stripping operation is next which removes any “old” paint or plating from the base metal. ICP has the necessary means to remove the “old” finish without causing damage to your parts.


Blasting: The parts are then glassbead blasted all over which provides a clean surface for plating, especially in areas that are not going to be polished.


Grinding/Polishing: Using a series of belts, wheels and assorted polishing compounds, all parts are hand polished to remove any imperfections in the base metal such as: pits, scratches, gouges and dings.


Copper Plate: A heavy deposit of copper is then added to the parts. The copper acts as a filler of pits and fine lines. The parts are again hand polished to a mirror-like finish.


Nickel Plate: A nickel deposit is applied over the copper providing the brilliant luster that decorative plating is known for as well as the added corrosion protection.


Chrome Plate: HEXAVALENT (silver blue) or TRIVALENT (silver gray). In order to keep the nickel plating from oxidizing, chrome plating is applied over the nickel in the final plating process.


Final Inspection: All parts are then cleaned, inspected and wrapped.






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