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What kind of parts can I get restored?

How does 'anything' sound? As long as it is made of metal. We have experts that can restore steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, die cast and even mazak parts.

Submit your project and receive our competitive proposal within hours. We give you all the information you need so you can get started effortlessy. It's the simplest and safest way to get parts restored online!



  • Cleats, hooks and lines

  • Rails

  • Anchors

  • Window and portholes

  • Door frames and door handles

  • Lights and spot lights

  • Steering wheels and horns.


1. Submit your parts to our estimators, it's free!

Complete the estimate request form, use our built in filepicker to upload photos, snap a few using your device camera, or if you don't have the parts available you can search for stock photos from our huge database. It's that simple.


2. We send you a fully a detailed estimate and proposal

You get everything you need to know. We give you a competitive price, a guide to turnaround times and our options for safe shipping of your parts. If you're in a hurry ask about our express parts service.

You'll receive your written proposal within hours.

3. Do everything online

We use technology to make restoring parts quick, safe and easy for everybody everywhere. If you're local you can stop by with your parts, or if you would rather use the phone, no problem!

Our great support team is on hand to take your call at any time.

Our skilled polishers have over 75 years experience.

4. We restore your parts

We carry out the whole process for you. You don't need to remove any existing finishes, remove rust or shotblast parts. All we ask is that you dismantle your parts as much as possible.


  • Chemical strip to remove existing finish

  • Repairs if required

  • Linish and polish to remove marks and blemishes

  • Finished in chrome or your desired choice of finish

  • Final quality inspection

Our restoration process is highly skilled and advanced. We have restored 10,000's of parts. We use methods such as heavy copper fill and triple plate application.

5. Make payment online

You don't need to make your payment when you place your order or ship your parts.

  • Flexible payment plans to suit your budget

  • Pay securely online

  • Pay direct through your bank

  • Pay by post with a cheque

  • Pay cash when you collect

Now you can put the finishing touches to your project.

6. We return your shiny parts

The moment parts are completed and payment has been made we arrange shipment on overnight tracked delivery for safe arrival of your parts.


Still not sure? Talk to one of our team.

If you need us, or would prefer to talk to someone about the cost of restoring your parts, we are here to help during normal office hours.

+44 01233 660879

24/7 customer support is just a click away.

If you’d like a hand with your chrome restoration project, or want to know more about our chroming services.



4/5 star rating, over 150 reviews.

Received my parts today, best chroming I've seen in 45 years of motorcycling!"

Tony Grey, UK.

Many thanks got the bumpers. They look fantastic.I'm very very happy with them. It makes my rear bumper look shabby now. I will be saving some penny's and will send a picture to get a quote for this as well.

W Smith, UK

They are fantastic, thank you. The other handles and the lighting tube are amazing. Now I know where to come in the future.

Jan C, UK.





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